Our Story

It all started when the Moore kids were stuck at home due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Stay-At-Home order.  Every time they had to go out and wear face masks, they complained that it was uncomfortable. They searched online for masks but couldn’t find ones they liked.  Their mom had also tried unsuccessfully to find face masks for teachers at the preschools they owned.  So, they turned to their Uncle David, who owns a manufacturing company in the Philippines, to see if he could make some for them.

Uncle David had to shut down his custom athletic wear/pillow manufacturing business due to his own Stay-At-Home order in the Philippines. They worked together to research, prototype and test various materials that would effectively filter against the virus, but also be breathable, comfortable, and, dare we say, stylish. They finally arrived on a very comfortable mask design that everyone liked. Uncle David also discovered a provision in the law that if he was making face masks for export, he could stay open for business!

The kids set to work in designing the various collections to appeal to different groups of people so that everyone could have access to designs they liked. The preschool teachers got their masks, and their preschool kids, who were scared of the standard disposable face masks, liked the colorful designs of the new masks. Maskara (which means mask in Tagalog) was born.

We are a family business and our mission is to give other families access to affordable personal protection. The designs are made to appeal to everyone of all ages. Now you can protect yourself against viruses while expressing your own style!